Kim, Global Marketing Director, Smart Design

“When I began practicing with Jenni, I had moved to New York and full of the anxiety that comes from trying to reconfigure your life on the other side of the world. KINDRED became my oasis, a place to acknowledge and accept what was bubbling underneath my externally brave face. The weekly sessions were invaluable, not only calming me and preparing me for my week, but also teaching me practical tools and coping mechanisms to use in my own time. I’d always struggled with maintaining a mindfulness practice of my own, but the KINDRED combination of Qi Gong and meditation really resonated with me. Jenni was great at adapting the day’s class based on the group’s collective mood and desire each Monday. I think everyone would benefit from embracing the KINDRED way!”

Molly, Co-founder of Caveday

“Jenni served as a coach at a monthly event called Caveday that focuses on productivity and getting more meaningful work done. Participants are asked to work head down for a full day on projects they've been putting off. We invited Jenni to provide mindfulness coaching to our "Cavedwellers" knowing how challenging it can be to concentrate in the very distracted times we live in. Jenni's ability to re-center each participant she worked with proved how essential it is to take a breath. We're an overworked, overstimulated society and Jenni reminds us that in order to do good work, we must find grounding regularly. Jenni is inviting, talented, and wonderfully qualified to lead groups small and large in the mindfulness space.”

Victoria, Writer

"Jenni's classes are a little piece of calm amidst the chaos of NYC. She has a soothing and empathetic presence that will make even the first-time meditator feel comfortable. Her Qi Gong classes were incredible as she encouraged the class to literally feel their own energy moving. I floated out into the street afterwards. Highly recommend!"

Camille, PR Specialist

“Within minutes, Jenni has the uncanny ability to transform a stressed mindset to a complete surrender of peace and relaxation. If I could practice with Jenni everyday, life would be bliss!”

Daniela, Producer, Xeno Productions

"Jenni's meditation and Qi Gong classes were exactly what I needed to de-stress and slow down from my hectic NYC days. Her guidance in these practices was easy to follow and very effective. The first time I did Qi Gong with Jenni I actually felt the energy force I was creating between my hands! It was amazing! She has a serene quality in her voice and demeanor that makes her a fantastic meditation teacher. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to have a truly meditative experience!"

Anouk, Illustrator

“I have practiced many forms of mediation over the past years but none had been forms that I found truly re-energized me, nor was able to stick to regularly practicing. It was when I sat with Jenni and was guided through her unique meditations and was able to practice them via her recordings that I found real change in my wellbeing and daily energy. Daily clarity and calm is now at my fingertips.”