I tackle the world’s issues from two directions: from the outside in, applying strategic principles and design thinking to help purpose-driven businesses achieve their goals, and from the inside-out, teaching mindfulness, meditation and qi gong to help people achieve self-awareness, emotional intelligence and mind-body balance.

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I believe we can have the best of both worlds: enjoy the benefits of creatively inspiring and opportunity-laden cities, while alleviating their effects with healing practices and regular escapes.

I partner with hotels, retreats and experience providers, helping them improve their wellness offerings and attract new clientele.

My definition of wellness is broader than the traditional “spa treatments and fresh juices” definition that many hotels use, and spans forest bathing through to creative workshops, kinesiology and silent meditation. I also work with properties that facilitate a transformation in both physical and mental wellbeing purely by virtue of their design or environment.


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It doesn’t much how much you exercise, how well you eat, how organic you buy – if you don’t learn how to manage your stress levels, it will undo all your good work. Stress is the ultimate saboteur.

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Receive a personalised stress management plan and a series of meditations tailored to your needs. I hold in-person sessions in Paris and New York, and conduct video sessions across the world.


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I’m a strategist and a mindfulness instigator.

My consulting work is equal parts creative and analytical and has been applied to an eclectic mix of clients, from international beauty brands to AI start-ups to Cambodian education charities, and events such as TEDWomen and New York Fashion Week.

I’m the founder of KINDRED, a mindfulness enterprise that provides antidotes to urban living. I’ve spoken on mindful leadership and corporate wellbeing for Ralph Lauren, Palantir and Viacom, led meditations at TEDActive, Worktech and for Lululemon’s Healthy on the Hudson series, and guided over 200 corporate meditation sessions for companies such as Spotify, Airbnb, Dentons, WeWork and Kickstarter.