Our Story

KINDRED was created to provide antidotes to urban living, in particular to the mental and physical challenges that arise from moving at New York City's frenetic pace. 

We believe in having the best of both worlds: in enjoying the benefits of creatively inspiring and opportunity-laden cities, while balancing out their hectic character with mindfulness practices and wilderness escapes. 

KINDRED offers a tailored mix of Qi Gong, Meditation and Mindfulness practices to bring stress relief, improved immunity, increased productivity and inner calm to participants. We supply  private sessions and mindfulness coaching for individuals, and work with corporations to create ideal office spaces via holistic design, executive coaching and employee programs.

Our practices

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese practice of cultivating energy. It's a gentle yet dynamic form of exercise that combines mindfulness and breathing techniques with physical movement. Qi Gong creates harmony within the body, cleansing and strengthening the life energy (qi) in the meridian system to manage stress, increase vitality and improve the immune system.

Meditation is the art of gently paying attention to inner and outer experiences. The style we teach is based on the principles of acceptance, awareness, compassion and contemplation, and incorporates elements such as body scans, breath exercises and visualization. 

Mindfulness employs the components of meditation but executes them in a broader manner; it can be applied to any activity, in any moment. Mindfulness is most simply defined as anything that brings you back to the present - to right here, right now. It's the practice of purposeful living.



Jenni Dawes has been teaching a tailored combination of Mindfulness, Qi Gong and Meditation across the world for the past seven years. 

She’s spoken on mindful leadership and corporate wellbeing for Ralph Lauren, Palantir and Viacom, led meditations at TEDActive, Worktech and for Lululemon’s Healthy on the Hudson series, and guided over 200 corporate meditation sessions for companies such as Spotify, Airbnb, Dentons, WeWork and Kickstarter. She provides productivity-focused coaching for CaveDay participants, and meditation and mindful practices to victims of domestic violence, through Safe Horizon.

Jenni brings a deep understanding of the demands of the modern workforce, with a concurrent career as a strategy consultant working with the likes of Maybelline, New York Fashion Week, TEDxWomen, and a host of early-stage start-ups. She pairs time-honored meditation traditions with the latest scientific studies and perspectives from art and travel, providing sessions that are simple, accessible and non-sectarian.

Jenni began her mindfulness training in Sydney, Australia under the tutelage of a Buddhist monk, and furthered her study with retreats in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia and Bali.

She is also the founder of Adventure Club, a community that helps people rediscover a sense of childlike wonder and creative flow through escapades in nature.