About Us

KINDRED was created to provide an antidote to urban living, in particular to the mental and physical challenges that can arise from moving at New York City's frenetic pace. 

We offer a tailored mixture of Qi Gong and Mindfulness Meditation, bringing stress relief, improved immunity, increased creativity and inner calm to participants.

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese practice of cultivating energy. It's a gentle yet dynamic form of exercise that combines mindfulness and breathing techniques with physical movement. Qi Gong creates harmony within the body, cleansing and strengthening the life energy (qi) in the meridian system to manage stress, increase vitality and improve the immune system.

Mindfulness Meditation teaches the art of paying attention to inner and outer experiences while applying acceptance and compassion. 

KINDRED offers both community classes and corporate sessions.

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Jenni Dawes

Jenni has been teaching a tailored combination of Mindfulness, Qi Gong and Meditation across the world for the past six years. 

Jenni brings a deep understanding of the demands of the modern workforce, with previous careers in a range of high-stress environments from fashion magazines to artificial intelligence start-ups, and working on events from TEDxWomen to New York Fashion Week.

She began her mindfulness training in Sydney, Australia under the tutelage of a Buddhist monk, and furthered her study with retreats in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia and Bali.

Jenni pairs time-honored traditions with the latest scientific studies and perspectives from philosophy, art and travel, providing sessions that are simple, accessible and non-sectarian.


Camille Jalandoni
PR and Sales Associate
Partner, KINDRED x Conselyea

A seasoned publicist with ten years of beauty, fashion and corporate work under her belt, Camille applies her skills in support of holistic companies and movements. She loves yoga and hiking, is an interior design fanatic, and makes the best smoothies in town.

Raised between Sydney and the Philippines, she's been calling New York home since 2014, and is rarely seen without her Indiana Jones-style hat.